There are tons of Android applications in the market right now, but only a few of them are worth. Snapchat app is one of them to be focused. If you are a smartphone user, I am sure you may be heard about it and might use it for a time. Right? If you are completely aware of the name “snapchat”, Just scroll have to have a brief introduction about it. You can guess it as an android application from my above words. Let me tell you something apart from that routine stuff. Snapchat is popularly known as a messaging application, but surprisingly it’s a photo sharing application. It is available for all the platforms. As usual, you can import the app from the official Google play store. OK, Let’s have a deep look at its features. Apart from the features, Here are the complete guides on how to download snapchat on various platforms i.e. Android, Windows/PC, and Mac.

Features of snapchat:

Note: Before installing the app, please make sure as you are installing the updated version of the snapchat or not. If you are already a user then simply update it by visiting the play store. All the features listed below are of the updated version.

  • Basic features in settings: Click on the app and open it and head on to the Gear Icon(Settings).Click on manage which is under the additional services. Filters, front-Facing Flash, replay, special text and power save mode are the options hidden under manage.



  • Special Texts: Typing special texts and related symbols on the image partially is one of the current trends in editing. Snapchat support to overlying your text and Emoji over the image partially as per your requirements. Just Head on the app, and tap on the letter “T” which is on the right top. This way you can add special texts on the images while sharing. You are allowed to add colors to your texts there
  • Emoji Stickers: You can get stickers to the image as well as for the video too. Just tap on the add sticker icon on the top of the screen and select the sticker of your choice. It’s similar to adding stickers to the video too. By this way, you can add a single sticker to the picture or video (of your choice).Just repeat the process to add some more stickers and it makes colorful.
  • Face swap: This is one of the advanced options of the snapchat. Just open the app in selfie mode and hold the camera towards your face until the white mash appears. Now go to the capture button and scroll down to find some more options and now click on “face swap.”
  • Front-Facing Slash: It’s one of the better options as we always love to capture our face. Yes, It flashes at your face during the dull light. Much useful one for the selfie lovers. By the way, the app welcomes you with opened camera and just check out the left corner for the flash option. Isn’t it simple?
  • Filters: This was the last one from our list. There are several filters that can use in snapchat, and some of them are listed below.

Geo Location:  This is to overlay stylish text on your snap. You can add text in the snap of your current location in a stylish manner. Time, temperature and speed are some of the major filters which used to display the time, weather and speed respectively on your snap.

You can get to know some more usual features after installing it.

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Download Snapchat APK for Android

There is nothing more to explain in deep as everyone is familiar with the play store applications installation. OK, anyway follow the steps as usual to install Snapchat app on Android.

  • Head on to the Google play store
  • Search for the keyword “snapchat”.
  • Install it and open it on your device.
  • Check out the images for a better view.


If you are facing any problem during the installation, please feel free to inform us via the comment section. Are you just looking for the APK file? Then go here. Download Snapchat APK


  • APK is just the preform of the installed application.
  • Click here(You will be directed to the APK page).
  • Just click on download and you are done.
  • Check the download list and install it.

Note: At first you are not allowed to import the APK file from the unknown sources. You need to allow the access for installations.

Download Snapchat for windows PC:

We all know that we need an android emulator to run an Android app in the Windows system/laptop. Blue stacks are suggested, and there are many out. You can choose any as per your choice. Learn more How to Download Snapchat on PC

  • Install Bluestacks(Suggested).
  • Go to the search bar after its basic setup.
  • Search for the “Snap ”
  • Install and you are done.

Download Snapchat for iPhone/iPad & MAC:

Well, Now its turn to install snapchat on Mac platform. The need of snapchat makes it available for all the platforms which were a good thing. Follow the steps. Download Snapchat for iPad/MAC

  • Just go to the iTunes
  • Search for the keyword and install it.
  • Simply install it from here.
For MAC:

To get the snapchat for your MAC, you need to run blue stacks MAC, which can be downloaded from here easily. After set up just follow the steps which you had followed on the windows platform.


Well, we have covered everything which is needed. What you have to do is just install the app as per your platform as per our guidelines. Before, going through the features section make sure whether you are using the updated version of the application or not. Please feel free to comment down your error during the installation process and we will try to resolve them as soon as possible.

Snapchat APP Download – for PC/APK/iPhone
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